The Ultimate Quest on Lake Lanier Islands

This team building exercise combines elements of both The Fun Run nautical event and The All American land based event to give larger teams of participants an opportunity to experience the challenge of both land and water team building activities in one comprehensive event.

The team building exercise will start at Harbor Pavilion / Tent with an orientation to familiarize teams with the program objectives and to provide them with the resource materials needed for the completion of the activity. Part of each team is sent out on the water while the second half of the team tackles the land portion of the challenges. Half way through the event the teams reunite, debrief on what remains to be accomplished and then reverse roles to complete the challenges within the allotted time they have been given.

Clear communication, devising a winning strategy and time management are essential for accomplishing team objectives.

Success will depend on both parts of the team working toward a common goal, which is to accumulate points by completing missions and retrieving information.

All teams report back to the pavilion and turn in their answers and materials with some lively debate about the anticipated outcome! Scores are totaled and the final results of the team building exercises are revealed with awards provided for all participants based on the corresponding team totals.

The Ultimate Quest is a 4-5 hour team building program and is designed for groups of 80 to 160 participants. Conference facilities and lodging if needed are available at Legacy Lodge Resort and Conference Center.