The Fun Run Pontoon Challenge

The FUN RUN Pontoon Challenge is one of our unique Team Building exercises designed to provide an exciting and challenging activity for developing Team Spirit. This recreational boating adventure on Georgia’s Lake Lanier Islands near Atlanta incorporates elements of a Hunt style program and a Road Rally “on the water”!

Our team building leaders utilize the fleet of safe, comfortable pontoon boats from the Lake Lanier Island’s Harbor Landing fleet and assign “crew” of 6 participants per boat. A pre-event lesson plan is provided to all participants 1 week in advance of the team building exercise.

The FUN RUN begins with the Orientation where the team building activity and Objectives are explained. Teams receive a Resource Kit containing a lake chart, compass, crew positions and placards explaining rules of the road and navigation markers. Dockside, the captain assigns crew positions and the team members are checked out on the boat.

Then the real fun begins!

Time is logged, “The Challenge” is received and the teams, now in command of their own boats, set out on their adventure. Tacticians solve problems to reveal destinations. Navigators utilize the lake chart and compass to determine a course. Helmsman steers the course, Captain oversees all decisions and Foredeck Officers maintain a lookout.

All Team Members work together to answer the challenging and diverse information questions (worth points) while visiting points of interest and enjoying the invigorating beauty of Lake Lanier Islands.

As the Teams arrive at their final checkpoint, times are logged and points are tallied. At the finale, Accomplishment Awards are given out to all participants based on most point’s accumulated, best team spirit, getting lost the most and other fun and friendly “honors”.

This team building exercise is available for groups of 6 to 80 participants in a half day format (3.5 to 4 hours).

Our team building programs at Georgia’s Lake Lanier Islands are convenient to all companies and organizations in metro Atlanta.