The Lanier Cardboard Regatta

This team building activity combines a land component with a water activity and can be staged at a resort or private swimming pool as well as outdoors on the expansive shores of Lake Lanier.

Provide your staff with the opportunity to develop cooperation, creativity and team spirit while participating in a proven, fun team building experience!

Program features;

  • Team Identity – Teams receive bandanas and create team names.
  • Cardboard Regatta Design – Teams create a design for their boat and plan construction using corrugated cardboard, duct tape and plastic wrap.
  • Boat Construction – Teams build the boat using only the materials provided. Boats will be constructed to hold 2 team members for the regatta portion of the event.
  • Marketing Presentation – Teams exhibit their finished boats and explain why their boat is the superior design!
  • The Regatta – 2 Team members paddle their teams boat around the mark and back to the shore in a race for best time with additional laps…boat construction permitting!
  • Awards for first, second and third place boats, most Creative Design boat and Best Titanic will be awarded at the conclusion.

Cooperation, Creativity and out-of the box thinking are essentials for success in this fun, surprise filled Team Adventure!

Plan a unique Day Outing at Lake Lanier.

The Lanier Cardboard Regatta team building exercise can be completed in 3 hours and includes all materials and awards. Groups of 20-200 participants. If needed, lunch or dinner options, meeting space in local venues and overnight accommodations are all available.

Let us help you design a unique, productive “day away” from the office!